Tornado.io GamePlay:

Tornado .io is an fun-addicting multiplayer IO game brings you to an epic battles among powerful tornadoes. Play as a small tornado in the beginning and suck up everything in your path to grow. The objective of every player at http://friv3play.net/ is to become the biggest tornado with an impressive height.

You have a limited amount of time in every match, so make sure you devour as many things as possible. Of course, when you are in a small size, you just can suck up somethings smaller than you like trees, trash cans an more. Then, as you grow up, you can eat the big objects such as buses, stores and more. When you are big enough, you also can suck up other players who are smaller then you. And they can do the same thing with you. Be sure to avoid those are bigger than you to keep your life safe.

On Friv 3 Games, when your size is gradually bigger, the map of the city gradually shrinks. It makes you look huge and the city is small. Actively moving around to devour the objects have the suitable size with you before your opponents eat everything. However, instead of focusing on your opponents and your level size increasing, you should pay attention on moving around and sucking up things.

Remember to stay other players first and involve in skirmishes later if you want to survive until the end. Be the king of tornado and have a great gaming time. Try something new with these following games if you have free time: Deadwalk .io and Black Hole .io

How to play:

Pressing your left mouse to move.

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