Paper Flight GamePlay:

Take advantage of the law of physics to win Paper Flight, a new relation game with cool and carefully designed graphics from friv new games. Playing with paper planes is one of the best games from childhood. Would you like to have fun with this simple yet addictive game of flying the paper planes one more time? Your job is to control the movement of your paper planes. If you want to take this trip further, it's required to collect lucky stars on each turn.

There will be a progress board that you can check after each turn to see how far have you made. As you discover the New World, the most important task is to make the paper planes fly as far as possible to gain high scores. For each turn, the players need to care about three different factors as they shoot the paper planes forward. Keep out for the velocity, the altitude and the amount of energy left. Your traveled distance will be shown on the top of the game screen as well. A tip to control the paper planes is to let them fall down from a certain height.

By doing this, not only will they gain the velocity to travel further but it can also collect the stars more easily. At http://friv3play.net/, updates can be purchased at the store to make the paper planes more efficient. Can your paper planes be the best ones in the neighborhood? Check out other games later with  Run Panda Run and Skull Hunter

How to play: Click or tap on the screen to move the paper planes.

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