Paper Toss Online GamePlay:

The trash is far away and you are a lazy employee. You want to throw the paper in the trash can in Paper Toss Online. However, the fan is turning on your obstacle when playing this game at Friv 3 online games. Wind will make paper fly out and cannot fall into the trash. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for you to throw the paper in the trash.

Adjust the throw angle based on the wind direction in the game. You will get a high score when throwing paper in the trash. Friv 2018 games brings this Paper Toss Online game to the office workers when they feel bored at work and want to relax in their spare time. Enjoy the best score every time you hit the trash.

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You can share your friends this website and favorite games so you can relax in your spare time. This thrown paper game is played by many office workers. You are a good player in everyday life but in this game, you will have many difficulties. Try it now!


Use the left mouse button to throw the paper in the trash correctly.