Paper IO GamePlay:

PAPER .IO  is one of the most attractive multiplayer games which attracts a large number of players at Friv 3 games for school. This is also one of the models in the IO genre. In this dramatic game, you will have many enemies to destroy and a common purpose with them. Make every effort to gain as many territories as possible in this battle.

Before starting this game at Friv 3 free games , you need to choose a nickname and your character will have a different color in the match. How to occupy the land of the enemy? You have to control your character to infiltrate the enemy land and use your tail to mark the territory in that area. Don’t forget that enemies will find every way and kill you whenever you appear in their land at Friv games of 2017.

The more land that you earn, the more points you get in this multiplayer game. In particular, you have to keep a safe distance and avoid touching other players because they will kill you immediately and the game is over. This means that you have to play again from the beginning even though you already own a large amount of land in the area at Friv 3 online games.

Who will become a millionaire here at Frivgames? Play PAPER .IO  and challenge your talent. If you want to explore more some other games, check out Pie.ai on Friv3play.net. Good luck and find other IO games in http://friv3play.net/io!

How to play?

You can use arrow keys to control your character in the game.

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