Run Panda Run GamePlay:

Panda wants to embark a new adventure in a cold destination like the Arctic. Do you want to join him? Run Panda Run is an interesting endless runner game suits all ages from children to adults. It’s not too hard to play but quite challenging to go far. Your main objective here is to keep your journey last as long as possible just by running, running harder and harder. However, everything is not smooth at all. There are many obstacles and dangers waiting for you ahead at http://friv3play.net/

To go as far as you can, you must jump over them. Like other games of the same genre, your character autoruns and you just need to tap or click to jump over some obstacles such as other animals, gaps and more. The running speed increases over time on online free friv games. You must stay focused and act fastly to take action at the right moment so your panda can jump over the dangers safely. Avoiding obstacles is not the only thing you need to pay attention to.

Collecting coins along the way is also your mission. These coins can be used to buy something new and interesting in the store. How long your character can go depends on you. Stay alert, follow the signs to know what is waiting for you ahead. Just go, enjoy and have a fun adventure with our little panda. Let’s him travel across the Arctic and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. And you, you will have many amazing adventures in other games like Skull Hunter and Miami Crime Simulator 3D

How to play: Click or tap to jump over the obstacles.

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