Flappy Run Online GamePlay:

Flappy Run Online is a cool combination of racing game and famous flappy bird. You’re not a lonely bird fly through the obstacles anymore. Now, you will embark the multiplayer adventure that only one player becomes the winner. You race against 2 other players. You will find this friv game quite similar due to its graphics and gameplay but you will find that it differs from the original game. You still tap or clicking strategically to overcome the challenges and don’t make yourself crash into anything.

Each time you pass through an obstacle or an opponent you earn a point. At the end of the race, the player has the highest point is the winner. A crown represents who is the first one during the game. This game has a cool concept that makes you immerse in the game world. You can’t wait to play this several time. On http://friv3play.net/, don’t be sad if you lose because you have other chances to win. After a certain amount of time, the race ends and you find out who is the winner soon. You won’t deal with any enemies, just your opponents, and obstacles during the race. Observe carefully to know what is waiting for you ahead. If you can’t control your character fully, you are easy to get hit and lose.

However, if you die, you will respawn and keep playing until the time is gone. This game won’t let you down for sure. Play and enjoy a great relaxing moment. Don’t forget to try other games such as Ducky Adventure and Mr.bullet

How to play: Click or tap to play.

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