Little Alchemy Online GamePlay:

There are many elements with different phenomena on Earth. From the main elements of air, earth, fire, and water, you can explore and create other phenomena in this Little Alchemy Online game at Friv 3 school games. Can you try and find that 597 phenomena in this game? Do you know that Earth and air can create dust, fire and water can create steam, air and water can create rain and more? There are so many mystery combines and you will increase your knowledge about the world when checking this Friv 3game.

Friv games 2018 also select some alchemy games for you to choose from such as Get Z. The world of physical phenomena is from unique and interesting formulas. You are ready to try to create surprises that you probably do not know in life. In this Little Alchemy Online game, successful chemists will begin the simplest research steps and then create larger phenomena that take place on Earth. Find other hot puzzle games onhttp://friv3play.net/puzzle

The change of natural phenomena has always played an important role in human life. So when you study nature, you contribute to your important understanding of the environment. Friv 2018 brings you a new and exciting game world to explore. What are you waiting for? Check your alchemy game and start discovering the world. It will be so fantastic on Friv3play.net!

Controls: Use the mouse to drag the elements in the right column and place them together, the new element will be created.