Beetles .io GamePlay:

Welcome to Beetles.io - the war of the combative beetles. Many beetles gather on a beautiful island to compete with each other to find out who is the real boss of this land and you are one of them. This is a fun multiplayer IO game requires players to use their fighting spirit and skills to eliminate their opponents to become the last man standing. This game is quite different from other IO games in which you eat something to grow bigger, then kill your opponents.

Here at http://friv3play.net, you must push other players off the stage to eliminate them. You will grow bigger each time. Become bigger helps you easily kick them with all forces. Because pushing anyone those who are smaller or bigger than you is really hard work, so become bigger helps you save your effort and time. On Friv Free online, you can see that on the back of each beetle, there is a red button. It’s a weakness of each bug. If you can touch a red button of any opponents, you will hit them off the stage with more force.

However, your enemies can do the same thing with you and touching this red ball is not easy. You must have a wise strategy and a little bit of luck. Try to stay in the center of the island, stay away from the edges because the edges are dangerous areas where you can easily fall down with a tiny touch. Who will be the last beetle standing in this dynamic battle? Is it you or one of your potential opponents? Play and check it out.

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How to play: Control your beetle with your mouse.

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