Crazy Driver GamePlay:

A super stunning vehicle system, super amazing racing tracks, and super high speed may be what players are looking for when it comes to racing games. You can find all of these factors in the following game that introduces you right now. Are you curious? Don’t need to wait any longer! It’s named Crazy Driver. As its name, you will have a crazy driving experience at here.

There is no police, no one will catch you if you break the rule, but you will explode if you cause too many accidents. You are taken to a long distance road which is very crowded. Many cars are laid out on the lane. Your main goal at Friv games is to drive as far as you can. On the way, you have to avoid other vehicles. Skillfully control your car from left to right and vice versa to stay safe. You also can speed up or slow down your car if you want. Besides, when you look at the top of the screen you will see 2 bars referred to health and gas. They are really important. 

Along the way, you have to collect plus symbol as health and petrol pump as gas to fulfill these bars so you can go further and further. As the game processes, you will face more difficulties. There are more cars suddenly appear. The game speed also increases dramatically. At the time, you need to be more careful. Crazy Driver is one of the greatest racing games that you must try at http://friv3play.net/. At here, there are also many other choices which may fit your taste, such as Training race. Have fun!


Use arrow keys to play this game.