Ice Jump GamePlay:

Do you like to drink cold water? Cold beer? Cold soda? It can say that ice cubes make every kind of drink taste better. Many people like to drink cold water all years from summer to winter. In Ice Jump, you are a skillful bartender who has a special technique which makes an ice cube jump from this glass to that glass by tapping on the table. This Friv puzzle game offer 2 game modes including Mission Mode and Endless Mode. Each level in the Mission Mode requires you to complete a certain mission like touch the red cup number 1, make 7 jumps or touch the blue cup number 2.

In the Endless Mode, you have to make the journey of this ice cube last as long as possible. This game tests your reaction and skillful. You must determine the right time to tap. Some glasses move constantly. It makes the game more challenging. Besides, the size and the moving speed of each glass is different on http://friv3play.net/. Super fun but super challenging, this game will give you an amazing experience. Once you play, you can’t wait to play until the final level for sure.

Along the way, you have to collect diamonds as well. These collected diamonds are used to relive. To add more fun into your gaming experience, you can challenge your friends to find out who reach the final stage in the Mission Mode first or who is better in the Endless Mode. Hope you enjoy this game and other games such as Break the Cup and Wall Holes. Controls: Use your mouse to make the ice cube jump.

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