Rise Up Space GamePlay:

Balloons are vulnerable. They can easily explode if something touches them. Rise Up Space - a fun-addicting and frustrating puzzle game require you to protect a balloon adventuring in the space from tons of dangerous objects. How hard it is. It will keep you playing or make you give up after the first stage. If you manage how to keep the balloon under your control, then you will easily conquer this game with a high score.

At http://friv3play.net, when your balloon is rising up, you use a round shaped shield to protect it. Get rid of all harmful objects by pushing them to the sides. However, it’s the vast space - a non-gravity environment, so even though you put these objects to 2 sides of the screen, they still float and can harm your balloon. So make sure you eliminate them with a full force on friv online 2019. This is an endless rising game, so you will auto move to the next level and your objective is also to reach the highest level.

Basically, the best strategy you should apply is to swipe like crazy with a hope that nothing can touch your precious balloon. These are tons of obstacle types. You can’t guess what is waiting for you ahead and how to deal with them. It’s the challenging point in this game. Just stay focused and take action quickly in order to keep your balloon safe.

How far you can go? What is your best score? Check out and challenge your friends to enjoy more fun. Or you can invite them to play TrollFace Quest Video and iPhone X Makeover with you. These are 2 of the best games available on our site. Good luck!

Instructions: Use your left click to get rid of the annoying obstacles.

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