Subway Surf Halloween GamePlay:

Inspired of famous endless runner game Subway Surfer, Subway Surf Halloween sets in a Halloween town filled with ghosts, zombies, skeletons, monsters and other creatures. Your mission is run through the town to escape from them and have fun in the Halloween day. Nothing scary, only fun and endless adventure, are you ready to start your own adventure at Friv 2019 games?

Let’s go. Like other endless runner games, your objective is to go as far as you can. The road is divided into 3 lanes. You must avoid obstacles and ghosts, zombies, skeletons, trains and more by turning to left and right. Timing your action is essential. If you are late for a second, you will crash into obstacles and your adventure ends immediately. That means you have to play again from the beginning.

On http://friv3play.net/, you not only have to focus on avoiding dangers but also collecting candies along the way. With the candies you have collected, you can unlock new characters at the store. These characters don’t bring you any advantages. They just like achievements for you to get and have more fun. Besides, you can collect the boxes and discover the items inside. They are power-ups giving you some awesome abilities such as collect all candies at once with a magnet, double candies or speed you up without getting harm when crashing into the obstacles. However, they work for a short time. After a certain amount of time, you return a normal girl. Have fun!

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Controls: Use arrow keys to control your character to avoid dangers.

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