Pet Subway Surfers GamePlay:

I bet that all of you know the game Subway Surfers in which you control a man to run around the city to collect the money. Pet Subway Surfers is the advanced version of this amazing classic running game and your character is a cute rabbit instead of a boy. It is the exciting adventure of an agile rabbit. The white bunny of Friv for school comes to this magnificent city for the first time so that he feels curious the outside world and he decides to break the cage and makes a journey in the city.

A guard chases after you and you should outrun him in order not to be taken back to the cramped cage. Run as fast as you can to avoid being captured. Besides, you also have to prevent crashing into many obstacles along the way. The trains will appear suddenly from the opposite direction. It means that you must act fast to evade getting damage by moving left or right or jumping up to the the top of the train at friv games for free.

When seeing the low gates, slide your body in order to come across them without hitting your head. By contrast, you have to jump higher when catching the barriers. You just can’t overcome one obstacle, you will be arrested and lose the game. Hence, pay high attention and always keep an eye on the hard road.

One of the most important missions is to collect the gold coins which are suspended on the race and many gift boxes as well. These gift boxes contain a variety of useful tools such as the magnet which can suck all the coins around without touching. 

We don’t limit your time but the challenges are difficult enough for you to make full use of your brain and reflection skills. I bet that the game with 3D graphics and lovely sound will not disappoint you. Share it with your friends to entertain. Many similar games are waiting for you at http://friv3play.net/ like Bus and Subway Runner.

How to play:

Use arrows to control the rabbit.