Black Meow Ninja GamePlay:

Cats and rats are the archenemies. While cats can live in warm places, the mouse must snuggle under the sewers or dirty places. That's why the mice arise hatred, so they decided to leave the underworld and invade the city. However, their plan may not be successful because cat ninja is here to protect this land. The war between hundreds of rats and only one cat started.

Welcome to Black Meow Ninja - an interesting game in which you plays as a cat ninja. Your objective at http://friv3play.net/ is to defeat all invaders in each level with a limited number of moves. The game tests your reflex and skills. There are several levels with the difficulty will increase as you level up. Let’s complete the current stage to unlock the next one. However, it’ not easy at all. You have to use the cat ninja as a cannon to shoot him and kill enemies on online friv games. The control is simple. To success in defeat as many enemies as you can, you need to adjust the angle of the shot, so he can fly to his opponents and use a sharp sword to kill all of them.

These mice are everywhere and they are too crowded. Besides, you just have a certain number of moves to defeat them. If your moves run out, the game is over and you have to replay that level from the beginning. Basically, this is a fun game suits all ages. You can play anytime you want for free on our site. Furthermore, don’t forget to discover other amazing games such as Gun Battle 2 and Space Hoops

Controls: Use your mouse to adjust the angle of the shot.

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