Areena .io GamePlay:

Areena .io is a unique IO game combine with role-playing elements in which you play as a warrior. It differs from other IO games in gameplay. Normally, you will compete against other players in a battlefield. You have to collect food to grow up and kill those who are smaller than you. However, everything is different at http://friv3play.net/

The battlefield is full of NPC enemies and you are alone deal with them. You have to take on a wide range of challenging quests. You kill tiny creatures on the map and complete the missions to earn coins. Then, you can use coins to buy new weapons and armor. Some enemies don’t harm you but others are equipped with weapons, so if you come close to them, you get attacked. You just have 3 lives. If you die, you will lose everything and have to start from the beginning. On online friv3, you can enter the arena and fight against tons of monsters and earn more coins. Here, you don’t need to find them but they will come to you. Complete the mission in the arena to get rewarded and keep exploring the open world outside. Finish all the quests and discover the new ones.

There are always new things to explore here. Stay alert and be careful if you don’t want to lose everything and respawn. This unique of this game will immerse you in the game world for hours. Although you don’t play with other players, you still face many challenges. Let your epic adventure start now. Discover a huge collection of IO games on our site. Some of the best choices for you are Smismi .io and Paperio 3

How to play: Use WASD/arrow keys to move, Space or left mouse button to attack, E to interact (you can change interact button in the settings).

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