Smismi .io GamePlay:

Lead your king slime sweep through the city and expand the mightiest ever to become the winner. Smismi.io is the latest IO game at http://friv3play.net/. You can play for free anytime and have a great time with other players around the world. You and they will compete against each other to find out who is the strongest slime king in the town. All players start as a slime king without any troops. Your objective is to dominate the city with the largest slime army.

To make this plan come true, you control your king slime move around the map and devouring all kinds of stuff, from small ones like trees, trash cans, cars to the big ones like buildings, apartments and so on. In the beginning, you must stay away those are larger than you. Just focusing on eating and you will gradually build an army. On friv free games, you can rescue the ones who are left behind by their king. Turn them into yours. This game is all about the number. After 2 minutes, the largest army is the winner. Once you have built a strong army, you can hunt for those who are smaller than you. Act fastly because you just have only 2 minutes to become the king of all kings.

However, don’t let your slime king move too fast because the troops may not catch up with him. It leads to many members being left behind and the number of your troops significantly reduced. Have fun! The collection of IO game on our site is very rich. You can search for the ones you like here but firstly, let’s try Paperio 3.

How to play: Control your slime king by using your mouse.

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