Avoid The Tow Truck GamePlay:

While in other racing games, you will race against other racers in a straight road and perform some drifts to go through the curves of the road, in Avoid The Tow Truck, you will compete against a tow truck in a circular path. There is no obstacle, no barrier, other vehicles and so on, just you and the tow truck. Your objective is to survive as long as you can by not letting the tow truck touch you.

Here at http://friv3play.net/, you and the tow truck drive along the path, however, this tow truck can turn its heads suddenly and if you don’t react fastly to turn your head and drive in the same direction with the tow truck, you will crash into it. That means that during the game, you need to try to drive in the same direction as the tow truck to avoid causing an accident and get the highest score. This game requires great hand-eye coordination and fast reaction. Your score depends on your reaction on Friv 3 Online

As time goes by, the difficulty increases rapidly as the speed of both of you and the tow truck increases. Then, you will find it hard to take action timely. Click or tap right away when the tow truck changes its direction, otherwise, an unexpected car accident will happen and the game is over. As a result, you have to play against. Let’s challenge your skills and find out how long you can survive in this fierce racing. Good luck! Check out more new games on our site such as Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and Retro Car Xtreme

Controls: Tap or click to change the direction.

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