Cannon Hero GamePlay:

Evil forces are coming to the Earth aim to dominate the Earth and turn human become their slave. You are their only hope because only you can save the world. You’re always confident with your shooting skills. Now, it’s a chance for you to prove it. Let’s use your skills to defeat these evils enemies and save the Earth. Cannon Hero is an amazing shooting at Friv5 games where you lonely fight against a horde of enemies. How can you win over them? Because it’s a turn-based shooting game so you and your enemies will take the turn to attack.

On http://friv3play.net/, in your turn, you have to try your best to kill your enemies one by one. If you miss, you directly give your enemies a chance to kill you. And unfortunately, they won’t miss a chance to do it. So, you have to aim and shoot carefully. This shooting game is different from other games in the same genre. You won’t cover and shoot your enemies in a large battlefield but directly face each other. Your enemies stand above you.

You stand in a lower platform so you will find it harder to kill your opponent. You must choose the right time to aim and shoot. However, that moment passes really quick. Take advantage of the time and your skills to kill as many enemies as possible. With each kill, you earn money to buy the new characters. Unlock all of them and save the world. Hope you have a great time. Horn your skills and have fun with more shooting games such as DEF island! and Rapid Gun 3.

How to play: Press and hold your left mouse button to aim, release to shoot.

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