Chicken Invaders GamePlay:

Chicken is one of the most favorite food of human. For centuries, we have been grilled, boiled, stir-fried, and fried them in the hot oil. Now, they stand up aiming to revenge. It’s time for the human to pay. Swarms of chickens are invading the Earth. They plant to dominate the world and turn people into their slaves. If we don’t fight back, the doom day comes near. The fate of humanity is in your hand. It’s up to you to decide our future.

In Chicken Invaders, as a great commander, you control your spaceship travel through the universe to block the invading chickens. Stop them come to the Earth and defeat them before it’s too late. Here at free friv games, your enemies are too crowd and powerful. You must skillfully flight and shoot them at the same time. In the beginning, you only have a basic spaceship with basic weapons. However, the game offers power-ups that you can use to upgrade your weapons. When you shoot them down, these power-ups will fall down, let’s collect all of them to become stronger, so you can kill these chickens much faster and easier.

On http://friv3play.net/. there are tons of challenging levels waiting for you to discover. The difficulty increases as you level. Be ready for that. The chicken is not only your enemies. You have to face many dangerous obstacles along the way. Your spacecraft shoot automatically when enemies appear. All you need to do is to control it to move to the right position to get the best result. Do you have what it takes to defeat hordes of enemies? Let’s prove your strength and skills in other fun-addicting games such as Jaywalking and Run Sausage Run.

How to play: Use your left mouse to move your spaceship.

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