City Dunk GamePlay:

When listening to basketball games, do you usually think of throwing a basketball in high above the basket? Haha! With City Dunk is very different in the gameplay. Will not you throw the ball into the basket? No! You will still throw the ball into the basket but these baskets will be in the air and this game is basically a race of basketball. In this game at Friv 3 school games, your biggest mission is to control a basketball and throw into baskets in the sky.

These baskets will appear continuously with high density and different positions. They can appear at the top, middle, or even near the ground. With different density and position will cause you more difficulty to control the ball moving continuously between the baskets in the sky. In particular, you have only one life on the track. So, if you miss any basket on the track, you will have to play again. Try it now at http://friv3play.net/

In addition, you have another important mission is that you should take every opportunity to collect as many stars as possible on the track. These stars can help you increase your strength and improve your speed. Are you ready to conquer City Dunk? If you want to play more with some other basketballs, follow this list of games below: Dunk Shot Online


Click and hold the ball with your left mouse.