Storm City Mafia GamePlay:

Storm City Mafia is a cool and challenging shooting game offers a wide range of missions. You have to complete these missions with increased difficulty to earn money. The battle is thrilling but fun at the same time. Each mission requires you to kill or destroy a certain target. You start the game with a basic gun. Through the game, you can collect more weapons.

At http://friv3play.net/, you stand alone to deal with many enemies. You can come close to them or wait for them to come close to you to shoot down every single one. When the shooting sign turns into yellow, it means your target is locked and you can kill him. If the shooting sign is white, then you have to wait for them to approach you. This amazing game also allows you to get on a car around the map and speed up to crash into hordes of enemies. Using weapons is not the only way to win. You must take advantage of vehicles on the map.

You can drive to crash many enemies at the same time on friv 3 free. It brings an awesome feeling. Sometimes, it’s better than shooting at your enemies one by one. Besides, when enemies stay still, you should spend time to shoot at various boxes on the map to discover and collect more useful items and weapons. Remember that enemies are crowded and you are alone. You must combine between attacking and defending in an effective way. Collect coins and health items to recover your health during the battle. Good luck! Play more games available for free such as Hoppy Rushy and Popeye Adventures

Instructions: Use Arrows/WASD to move, E to use vehicles, Z to throw grenades, Space to jump.

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