Daddy Rabbit GamePlay:

Play this entertaining rabbit game to watch an adorable rabbit father care for his young in the burrow beneath the most amazing farm you have ever seen. You have to pass past a lot of zombies that don't like crying baby rabbits in order to accomplish this. Inside the most incredible underground burrow you've ever seen, Daddy Rabbit must locate all of his missing offspring. While these young rabbits are sleeping peacefully everywhere, they will follow their father wherever he goes. Simply give them a carrot to keep them there if you need to put them to sleep as part of your plan.

Do not hesitate to share the game with your friends. Let's invite your friends to join the game to be able to have fun slashing challenging fruit. Why don't you give yourself the challenge of adding an interesting game in another self like Magic Tiles 3 at friv3 games online. Good luck!


Move through the magriguera by clicking on a place in the tunnel to go there.

Shoot carrots with the space bar


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