Drunken Crane GamePlay:

Drunken Crane is an action-puzzle game in which you carry a drunk uncle to a bench by the crane. Use the buttons on the right side of the screen to play by operating horizontally, down, and releasing. You can enjoy it like a crane game. There are 38 stages, so you can play without getting bored. In addition to the bench, there will also be stages where you can make ridden a uncle on an elephant. A stage that uses the recoil of the trampoline will also appear. If you clear all 38 stages with 3 stars, hidden stages will appear, so please challenge it.

This game puzzle action terbaik delivers a rich gaming experience with unexpected twists and turns. Solve the w puzzle solution of maneuvering the uncle to his bench and celebrate the sweet taste of victory. With action-adventure puzzle games on Xbox One, this game can be enjoyed on multiple platforms.

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Instruction to play: Mouse!


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