Fish Eat Getting Big GamePlay:

Welcome to the "Fish Eat Getting Big" game! Only here and now, you dive into a beautiful world of underwater adventures. In the ocean's depths live a variety of fish - from crumbs to colossal fish. Many are predators and eat their kind to satisfy their hunger and survive. Today you will join the army of underwater predators and arrange a real sea hunt. This game is for one, two, or three players. The more participants, the greater the excitement and desire to win!

These fishes are getting bigger once they start eating little fishes than their size. Call some friends and play the game with up to three players the Fish Eat Getting Big game. Many fishes and various fish types in the huge ocean are waiting for you. Try to hunt smaller fishes which are specified with their numbers and try to reach the biggest size. Each level will bring you some coins and you will be able to buy new fish types from the market. You can also dive into different oceans and keep your adventure in different places.

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Instruction to play: Mouse or touch to screen!

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