Little Big Snake .io GamePlay:

One of the hardest games you cannot forget when joining Friv games for school is Little Big Snake .io. This is a multiplayer game from all over the world. The map appears on the left of the screen so you can see the snake's movement in this game. The task of the snake is to collect colored spheres or eat the insects along the way especially cockroaches.

In addition, you can eat big balls if other snakes die. Pay attention during the move and do not collide with any snake in this game. Friv for free have many other solid online games in which this game Little Big Snake .io is named one of the most popular games in the snake game list. If you want to move fast, you can easily collect food. Keep away from the bigger snakes than you.

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What is the biggest snake shape you have in this game? Can you score the highest score without dying? Be ready for the many challenges awaiting you at http://friv3play.net/. Share with your friends this solid game and update other new games like Bighero.io, Let's move and collect all your favorite color spheres.

Controls game:

Use the mouse to move the snake and left click to move faster in this game.

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