Fallout Racer GamePlay:

What’s happened to the world? Everything is dark and gloomy. You can find anyone here on Friv for kids. All around you is the emptiness. In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Racer, you have nothing more than an old car which will become your only mean to help you survive in this lonely world. No one tells you what’s going on here now because you are the last standing and you must survive at all costs.

In this games, you drive your car around and collect as many water bottles as possible to live longer. You can’t live without water, so try your best to get all of them along the way and move to other places to find living areas. You don’t want to be stuck here, do you? Let’s take an action, use your truck and leave this place immediately. However, the road is not flat. It’s bumpy and dangerous at friv for girls. You are easily overturned at any time. Everything depends on your driving skills. There are many levels available in Fallout Racer. Once you complete the current level, the next one will be automatically unlocked.

Each level requires you to collect a certain number of water bottles and you also have 100 % health. When you flip over, you will lose your health little by little until you die if you don’t find any ways to keep your journey ongoing. So, stay strong and survive in this tricky racing game. Warning: It’s easy to play, but hard to master. http://friv3play.net/ welcomes you with a huge collection of games. Explore these following options if you have time: School Bus License 3!

How to play:

Use right and left arrow keys to move on the ground and tilt in the air.