Garten Banban vs Poppy GamePlay:

Come play The Game where Rainbow Friends vs Poppy Play Time are the fighting, After Red makes a mysterious force, the worlds of Rainbow Friends and Poppy Playtime collide Together! Everyone is pitted against each other. Player vs. Orange. Huggy Wuggy vs. Blue, even Mommy Long Legs vs. Green!

This is the penultimate short of Fazbear & Friends, featuring Garten of BanBan and Poppy Playtime, you can play free online at Friv 3 games. In this short, Huggy Wuggy meets Jumbo Josh, who he laments to about his tiredness of the new Indie Horror games all being similar.

You can try:Sword Of Janissary or Viro War.

How to play: Use the mouse or touch to play.