Poppy Rush Color GamePlay:

It's time to change the king, something that sat on the throne and the hero of the game Poppy Rush Color, which you control, decided to replace the ruler. But he will not leave so easily in peace, he intends to fight. Therefore, it pays to accumulate strength at the expense of supporters to guarantee victory. The hero will run along the path, on which there are little men of different colors.

Collect only those that have the same shade as our runner. Periodically, round areas will appear on the road. Passing through which, the hero will change its color, which means that you should change and collect other supporters. If the hero takes on an iridescent shade, he can rally everyone in a row. From the collected amount, the contestant for the crown will become taller and stronger, and when he meets the king, you can easily take the crown in Poppy Rush Color.

To win the level, you must make yourself stronger and defeat the boss. This can be achieved by absorbing people of the same color as you, which will increase your strength, while matching with people of different colors will weaken you. It is important to avoid these individuals. Once you have become sufficiently strong, you can engage in a battle with their leader to emerge victorious.

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Instruction to play: Mouse or touch to play!

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