Rail Rush GamePlay:

Rail Rush is an endless track with a series of exciting and attractive experiences for the players at Friv for school. This is a race with no end and challenge your reaction. Imagine that you get lost in a mysterious labyrinth with a series of racetrack in front. In particular, you have to control a vehicle without braking at a high speed. You can not find any way to stop this vehicle because you are going down the ramp. The only thing you can do is to avoid bumping into obstacles and challenges on the tracks. Warning! The speed of your car is very fast and dangerous.

So, you have to concentrate to observe and drive it carefully. To overcome obstacles on the rails, you need to control your car to move to the left, right or sliding along the dead pit. In particular at Friv games online, you also need to control your vehicle to jump over the fences or slide through the deadly traps on the road. In some special situations, the rails will be split and broken, so you need to control your vehicle to move on to another track and continue on this challenging journey. 

In addition, another important task for you is to collect all gold coins on the way and use them to buy support tools in the game. To purchase this help, you just go to the shop and select the options you need. Are you ready to take part in this exciting journey? Don’t forget to explore more with other racing games such as Wingmen at http://friv3play.net/!

How to play?

Use arrow keys to jump, slide, move the left or the right, A, D to dodge.

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