Legendary Warrior: Globin Rush GamePlay:

Legendary Warrior: Globin Rush online is an awesome mixture of shooting, action and adventure element that brings you a great gaming experience ever. You play as a legendary warrior has great shooting skill. Your mission in this friv3 play free is to defeat all goblins around the kingdom and bring the peace back to your land. The game offers 21 levels with different levels of difficulty.

In each level, you must achieve at least 1 star to complete the mission and unlock the next level. Try your best to aim and shoot accurately because you just have a limited number of arrows. If you miss an arrow, you lose a star. However, defeating goblins is not as simple as you think. It’s a challenging task. Your enemies move and jump continuously, so you will find it hard to send them to the hell. Sometimes, some objects in that level will cover your sights. Adjust the right angle and shoot at the right moment is the key to get the victory.

You may fail in the beginning, but you can replay that level many times as you like and by experiencing a level several times, your shooting skills will improve so much. Click on http://friv3play.net/ and find the name of this game and conquer every level with 3 stars. It’s time to save the kingdom and prove your talents by killing all of the evil goblins. Get ready to take aim and fire. If you love this genre game, you will find tons of fun choices on our website. Put the name on the searching field or just enter these following options right away to save your time: Swift Ninja and The Amazing Spider Man.

Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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