Instagirls Dress Up Christmas GamePlay:

Christmas is not only an occasion for all family member to gather and enjoy delicious Christmas traditional food and do some signature activities but also for young generations to show off their Christmas fashion. Nowadays, you post one, two or even ten pictures to your Instagram daily is common. In Instagirls Dress Up Christmas at friv girls game, our lovely Instagram girl wants to celebrate Christmas day with some pictures, but first, she needs some new outfits for Christmas.

The latest fashion collection for Christmas has arrived. Let’s visit the shopping mall and go shopping. In the beginning, you just have 1000 hearts as in-game currency. You must think carefully and have a wisely plan on what you should buy within 1000 hearts. You may want to buy something cheap and just buy one or two items. Then, you take a picture and post it to Instagram. Want and see how many likes you got. This amount of likes is the money you get to buy other fashion items on http://friv3play.net/. besides caring about the money you will spend, you must choose outfits to match with the current trending fashion styles for Christmas.

The symbol colors of this holiday season are red and green, so let’s opt for them. Depending on your choice of outfit, you gain heart from your friends and viewers on Instagram. You can use these hearts as money to buy new stuff and continue to earn money and go shopping until all outfits in the latest collection are on your wardrobe or until you’re satisfied. Merry Christmas! Enjoy more games with the theme of this special holiday season such as Christmas Gifts Mania and Christmas Elsa As Santa.

Instructions: Perform action by using your left mouse button.

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