Princesses Business Dress GamePlay:

Princesses Business Dress at Friv 3 free games is an interesting and attractive fashion game which is loved by many players around the world. Unlike other fashion games, this game does not focus on the usual fashion styles such as evening gowns, street fashion, beach fashion or stylish fashion. Instead, come to this game, you will have the opportunity to explore the fashionable office styles with unique combinations.

As you know, office fashion styles tend to be polite and classy. So, you should choose and combine the costumes according to the trend of elegance. In addition, you should not choose the outfits too short or too sexy because they don’t fit the fashion style at work place. Here, you have many choices such as clothing, skirts, hair styles, shoes, and some accessories such as glasses or bags. 

With each type, you have many different choices of shapes, colors and sizes. So you can rest assured that the whole world of fashion will be in your hands. All you need is to click on the icons on the screen to change until you are satisfied. Create 3 different styles for 3 beautiful girls right now! One more thing, we will provide many other fashion games for the players, so you can access and play more with Princess Eye Makeup at http://friv3play.net/!

How to play?

Choose fashion items by using your left mouse.