Princesses Cooking Competition GamePlay:

Everybody always has a thought that the princesses are those who live in riches and they do not have to do anything. However, Disney’s princesses are surprisingly good at cooking. Our princesses, Elsa, Anna, and Moana have a date on Elsa’s castle and they are going to hold a cooking competition to find out who is the MasterChef winner. And in Princesses Cooking Competition at Friv 3 girl games, you are the host of this special contest and who is the winner depending on your decision.

Each of them will show off their cooking talent on a special dish that they're going to cook. However, you must help them during the cooking process in this Friv 3 Online Games. Elsa cooks tomato soup. She prepares the freshest ingredients and her cooking skill is great. Her dish turns out awesome. Anna decided to make pizza, her favorite dish. Let’s help her make fresh Pizza dough. Then, pour the source and add some delicious toppings.

Finally, Anna has to put it on the stove. Wow, the pizza smells so good and looks like a product of a professional pizza maker. Now, it’s Moana’s turn. Making desserts is Moana’s forte, so she is going to make chocolate ice cream. Put all ingredients in the bowl and mix them all in order to form a perfect mixture. Try other girl games on http://friv3play.net/girls

After the cooling process, perfect chocolate ice cream is done. So, who is the winner of this cooking competition? Let’s enjoy Princesses Cooking Competition and make your decision. Try more interesting games at Friv3play.net such as Princesses Statement Hills 

Instructions: Play this game with your mouse.

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