Maze GamePlay:

Maze is a perfect combination of puzzle and speed game for everyone at friv 3 games. This game requires you to have both intelligence and speed to complete each level. Here, you will control a ball to move and find the exit in the shortest time. However, this task is not easy because this labyrinth has only one way to escape. What are you waiting for? Jump into this exciting game at frivgames.

Before playing this game, you are free to choose the difficulty such as easy, medium or hard mode. At every level of difficulty, you have the opportunity to discover and experience many fascinating things at http://friv3play.net/. However, if you don’t understand the gameplay, you should choose the easy level to get used to and find a smart tactic in the game.

There are some important notes for you to keep in mind below at games friv 3. First, this maze has many doors but only one exit. So, you have to control the ball wisely and find the shortest path in the maze. Second, you will have a limited time, so you should observe and complete the task within the specified time. The last, you should not rush to move but find the correct path, then control the ball to the destination.

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Use arrow keys to play this game or tap directly on the touch devices.