Minecraft Cube Puzzle GamePlay:

Minecraft Cube Puzzle is a new game in the setting of Minecraft, in the puzzle genre. You have to guide the cube to the exit, on its way there will be side cubes, which you can move in two planes. The project is different: - Spatial physics. You need to see the whole picture - Variety of levels - Original gameplay, in the setting of mintcraft Manage the dice from maincraft, pass all levels. The complexity gradually increases, in the end are waiting for a truly difficult levels! Play, think, develop - all with Minecraft Cube Puzzle!

If you have lots of time at home, check out all sections in Juegos friv3 to discover some more puzzles and board games such as Poppy It Playtime. It's a game designed for relaxing and taking the time off, therefore, enjoy it slowly and at a medium-paced rate for the best experience possible.  


Start the game.

Your goal is to guide the cube to the exit, by controlling the side cubes.

Some only move down and up, and some only horizontally.

It is necessary to complete all levels.

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