Hex Blocks Puzzle GamePlay:

Hex Blocks Puzzle game: This is fun game online of 2018 on Friv for school. Your task is to find the matching numbers placed close to each other and wait for change. Each level will have different challenges for you when playing this Hex Blocks Puzzle. Start this game now!

Each block will be in a fixed position and you have the right to change the positions to complete the picture fastest with Frivgames. Are you a super fan of slide puzzle or unblock puzzle game for kids ? The number of blocks in this game will change as you start higher levels. You need to pay attention to how to complete the blocks before the game ends. Try it now!

You need to follow the game instructions and some tips before you start this exciting game with http://friv3play.net/. We always update the latest games on the website. Play more games such as Make5 Hexa at Friv3play.net, We are very thankful for getting your feedback. Rate the games highly. Recommend them to your close friends. Have a good time!


Use the your mouse

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