Mr Bean Hex Code GamePlay:

Are you looking for a math game and where to train your skills? Mr Bean Hex Code game at friv Games for school will meet you all the things you are looking for. With extremely new and attractive gameplay, extremely interesting puzzles. You will be excited with this game. What are you hesitating about? Get started right away!

When starting the game, you will challenge yourself to level 1, which is also the easiest level. Then the math will appear in front of you. It's a math puzzle that you need to solve. But I believe it will not make it difficult for you. Use your intelligence and ability to correctly guess the answer of the puzzle.

When you answer, move the cursor to each number in order from the beginning to get the best answer. If you are right you will get diamonds, and come to the challenges behind are waiting for you. The later levels of the puzzle will become more and more difficult, but keep calm so you can win them all.

It's great to be able to both play and train your intelligence. Those interesting things are only in Mr Bean Hex Code game at http://friv3play.net/. Enjoy immediately the fascinating things of this game and have the opportunity to become the best player ever. Remember to share this joy with your friends and invite them to join the game so they can have relaxing moments together.

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How to play: use the mouse to play.

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