Oceanar .io GamePlay:

A school of fish is easy to protect each other and deal with dangers than a single fish. Be biggest to win over other players around the world in one of the most interesting multiplayer IO games at http://friv3play.net/ called Oceanar.io. You start the game as a small light bulb fish swing in the ocean full of enemies and dangers. To survive as long as possible, you must eat planktons to grow up and build a crowded school of fish.

This is a blood-thirsty battle where other fish can eat your fish. In your school of fish, you are the leader. If any players defeat you, then you lose but if they just eat your member, you still alive. At the moment, you should quickly swim away to a safe zone and stay focused on eating. The more you eat, the more members are added to your school of fish. On game friv, you not only have to avoid other players who are stronger than you but also stay away from the jellyfishes. They are annoying and dangerous. They will suck your blood until you die. As you grow up, you can accumulate other sea creatures such as crabs or shrimps, then you can attack other players who are weaker than you.

Don’t attack the queen fish directly but eat the fish member to gradually eliminate your opponents. If you think you are ready to join this thrilling battle, then let’s show off what you have to become the ruler of the deep ocean. you can’t wait to discover more fun games, right? You are in the perfect place to do that. Check out TheLast .io now.

Instructions: Use the mouse to move and left mouse button to attack.

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