TheLast .io GamePlay:

The name shows everything. In TheLast.io, your ultimate goal is to survive until the end to become the winner. In the beginning, you appear in a dragon nest with other players. You can attack or do anything else at that time, just wait until you are dropped on the battlefield by a flying dragon. You can choose a position to land. At the moment when your foot touches the land, the battle begins. You have to quickly move around the map to look for weapons and useful item which help you survive in the combat.

Be quick because you don’t want to die after a few seconds, do you? This battle royale IO game offers you storage with 6 slots. You pick up items and store them here. If you get shot, you can eat food like cherry or apple to recover your health. To win over your opponents, planing a strategy combine wisely between defense and attack is important. You should find a perfect place to cover if too many players gather in one place on http://friv3play.net/

Stay away from them because in fact that you are unable to deal more than 2 players at the same time. Watch out all directions to defend yourself in time if your opponents suddenly appear. There are many kinds of weapons that you can use to kill enemies. You can switch between them during the battle to get the best fighting result. Show off what you have to become the winner for all players around the world. You can challenge yourself, your friends or other gamers in some games such as Tornado.io and Deadwalk .io. Have fun!

How to play: Move by using arrow keys or WASD, mouse to aim, left mouse button to shoot, E to pick up, Space to use power, 1-6 to choose items.

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