Paintball Fun Shooting Multiplayer GamePlay:

Paintball arena shooting & shooter survivor battle is top thrilling casual fps game is back, take your carnage anywhere as paintball shooting in battle field. It has health & energy level that will indicate if you are in danger zone, ammunition or the enemy in your way. 

The top paint shooting style game allows for simple controls, but extremely enjoyable gameplay. Paintball arena shooting & shooter survivor battle is a competitive team shooting sport game in which players abolish opponents from playground by hitting them with paintball rounds, breakable color filled paint and jelly paint ball pellets. Let’s play as paintball shooting combat commando, you require an incredible boldness even with the furious challenger.

Paintball shooting in the awesome map arena fun, ready to play 5 game mode including gungame? TDM mode is default in this game so will play with friends around the world, you can play offline by finishing 40 levels. Have Fun!

How to play:

WASD - movement Mouse - shooting, goal, look around, alter gun SPACE - leap TAB - recipe SHIFT - operate

WASD - move Mouse - shooting, aim, look around, change gun SPACE - jump TAB - menu SHIFT - run

If you wonder which games to play in your spare time, you should check out this one. Simple but not boring, you may have to put some effort to beat each level. Master each move and play wisely to get the best result. Train your brain and have more fun by solving other actions in Gta: Save My City  and  Tank Wars at http://friv3play.net/ Have a great time!

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