Bandits Multiplayer PVP GamePlay:

Are you ready to fight against other bandits around the world? Sit on your horseback, hold your favorite weapon and jump into the battle. Bandits Multiplayer PVP welcomes you with 6 amazing game modes that you can freely choose the one you want to play.

At Friv3play game, each mode has its own gameplay and all of them will bring you the best gaming experience as you try to achieve your ultimate goal or complete the missions. You can create your own room and wait for other players enter, then start the fight or you enter the room of other players. After that, all you need to do is to ride your trusty and loyal horse run around the wild west landscape as a fearless cowboy and try your best to take down any bandits that want to kill you. There are various weapons available for you to choose from. Let’s pick the one that suits your play style.

You can shoot at enemies from far by using a bow and arrows or even a gun or fight melee with your sword. It’s up to you. But it is better to test all weapons to enjoy different experiences. If you’re looking for a game consist of action, shooting and adventure element, then this game is designed for you. You not only go adventure across a huge open world but also experience the most amazing and funniest battle ever. After conquering every game modes here, don’t forget to test your skills in other games at http://friv3play.net/ such as Gun Blood and Hold the Fort. Have fun cowboy! 

Instructions: Press 1/2/3 to switch weapons; WASD or arrow keys to move; Spacebar to jump; left shift to sprint, left/right mouse button to make the horse attack; T to chat; M to show the minimap.

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