Piano Tiles 2 GamePlay:

The goal of the game is to complete a beautiful song by clicking on black titles shown in the game. In the case, you miss one or wrong click in other notes, the game will end immediately.

Retain the positive features of the previous version, this game continues to develop the new features that make the players at Friv3 games mind blowing. The game developers also update and install these new list songs to make sure that the players can find their perfect one at Friv games.

In the list songs, a few songs have already opened. To experience more new songs, you have to gain enough the crowns on the previous song. The maximum number of crowns that you can get in each song is 3. These are the core keys to open the next gate, so try your best to earn them.Try now at http://friv3play.net/

Tips, tricks, and hacks in Piano Tiles 3

There are multi-songs set in the game; each one has their own rhythm, some are quite fast, some are seductive with its slow melody. If you are the first-time player, you should choose the slow one in order to get familiar with the game. After that, you can try the hard or medium song at Friv games.

More information

If you simply adore the game, you can try its other versions such as Magic Tiles 3 , etc. Those are the best games ever at Friv3play.net . I'm sure that they won't let you down!

How to play

Use the mouse to select the black titles

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