Police And Thief GamePlay:

Police And Thief is one of the most attractive racing games in the world at Friv3 play games. This game promises to give players a lot of emotions and a dramatic skirmish between the police and the thief. In some regular racing games, you will race with your opponents on a track in different terrains.

However, with this game, you will have a completely new feeling and enjoy. Have you ever imagined that you would race in a circle? This is a difficult challenge for all players because the distance between the cars is extremely short. In this game, your task is to escape from the police and not collide their car in the circle.

However, this task is not easy because the police can go the same way with you or go unexpectedly on the road. Whenever the police come back, you have to change the scent quickly before you collide with them. Also, you should remember that the game is extremely fast and dangerous.

So, you need to focus on careful observation and avoid obstacles ahead. In this game at http://friv3play.net/, you only have one life in each turn, so if you crash into the police, you will lose your turn and the game is over immediately.

This game is quite hard, however if you are a lovers and enthusiasts with speed games, I believe you will love this game right from the first time. Are you ready to experience this game yet? Become the best player and win the number one position on the rankings.

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How to play? Use the mouse to drive your car in the game.

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