Blocky Craft Police Squad GamePlay:

Are you ready for the epic battles? Evil robots are invading the town. They are a great threat for the innocent people. As a brave soldier who has been trained to deal with situations like this. You and your teammates will fight to defeat them and save the town. Blocky Craft Police Squad is a cool first-person shooter game in which you play as a member of an elite soldier who are responsible for protecting the town.

Evil robots have taken over the town. Let’s claim your homeland by killing all of them at online free Friv3 games. Moving around, hunt for evil robots and shoot them immediately when they appear in front of your eyes. They are mixed in the civilians, so you must be careful. Don’t shoot at the innocent people. However, the weather is bad today. It is cold and snowing. This will block your eye from searching your enemies. The game offers several for you to choose from at your disposals such as machine guns, rocket launchers, shotgun and more.

The evil robots don’t automatically come to you. You must look for them around and lock your target to shoot them. Your enemies are so strong and equipped with advanced weapons. Do not neglect even in a second because they will attack you right away. On http://friv3play.net/, as you process, you can level up your character and gain access to the new weapons. Do you have what it takes to get to the victory in this thrilling battle? Check it out now. If you like more games related to this game, don’t hesitate to play Strike Force Heroes 2 and Rapid Gun 3. Enjoy!


  • WASD/ arrow keys to move.
  • Left mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Shift, E, right mouse or F to use the corresponding skills.
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