Ariel Seashell Craft Studio GamePlay:

Elsa has decorated her new bedroom. She is really satisfied with it, however, when everything is done and she looks around, she finds out that her room misses something. It’s a seashell wind chime. Hanging a seashell wind chime in the front of the door is a great idea. She searches where to buy it and she suddenly remembered that her best friend Ariel was running a seashell craft store. And she can make her own at that store. She quickly calls Ariel and they have a meet at Ariel Seashell Craft Studio soon.

Before going out, Elsa needs to change her clothes. Are you willing to help her at friv 2018? It’s summer and today is a beautiful day. A dress mix and match with high heels is a perfect combination. Elsa has many dress styles. It’s time to put something gorgeous on and come to Ariel’s store. She looks great now thanks to your sense of fashion. Now, let’s start the seashell wind chime making project. First of all, you choose your favorite shell from 4 types. After that, you pick 1 big shell and 5 small shells, color them with your favorite color. Add some sparkling stones on them to make them more beautiful and shine on http://friv3play.net/.

Then, you use a mini drill to make 5 holes in the big one and 2 holes on the small ones. Next, you attached the small ones to the big one. It’s done. You got a perfect seashell wind chime. Elsa is really happy. Play as many times as you want to discover more styles. Check more games and meet Disney princesses with Princesses: Florists and Rapunzel Fashionista Busy Day.

How to play: Use your mouse to help Elsa dress up and create a seashell wind chime.

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