Ariel's Love Breakfast For Eric GamePlay:

Ariel and Eric's married life is very happy. Recently, Eric works so hard. Ariel decided to welcome a new day with Eric by making a delicious breakfast. In Ariel's Love Breakfast For Eric at friv 2019, it’s your mission. She gives Eric a morning kiss and gives him a cup of hot coffee. While Eric is taking a shower, Ariel will prepare breakfast. First of all, let’s change the outfit.

You also need to be gorgeous when making breakfast. Choose a nice apron, tide the hair up and wear some awesome accessories, Ariel is ready. It’s 7 o’clock now. It’s a great idea to have a quick breakfast with toast, orange juice, and egg. She will roast 4 slices of bread by using her convenient bread toaster. When it turns golden brown, you help her take it out and move to the next step. Toast is much tastier with some vegetables. Ariel has fresh tomatoes and salad in the fridge and now, she just needs to wash and slide them up.

After these ingredients are prepared. Let’s put them a side and make 4 omelets. On http://friv3play.net/, you break each egg into the mold placed in the pan in advance. Cook until they are ready. Now, you need to make a sandwich. Ariel and Eric love lettuce and tomato in sandwiches. It brings the crunchiness and freshness. Add all ingredients to the first layer, then put the second layer on top, an awesome sandwich is done. They enjoy the meal so much. If you love cooking games or the game related to Disney princesses, you must check out these following options: Frozen Sisters Winter Escape and Instagirls Dress Up Christmas.

How to play: Prepare the breakfast by using your mouse.

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