Skywire GamePlay:

Skywire is an action platform game, you can play free online at friv3play.net. In this game, you help carry your passengers to the station while navigating the vessel on the rail. Avoid dangerous robotic animals such as ostriches, parrots, rhinos, and camels, as they will cause your passengers to fall off. There is even a game mode for two-player racing! Go ahead and jump into this rail riding classic!\

It would be great to share it with your friends. Join your friends now in the game to have the opportunity to transform into the most attractive fashion designers. Allow yourself to explore some other interesting gamesZombie Survival Pixel Apocalypse and Age of Defense 3.

What do you think about how good you can control a lift which is full of passenger? If you think that you are better than your friend, here is a great racing opportunity for you and your friend, with this game. Your goal is to get the passengers which are inside of the lift, to the finish line safe and sound. You are going to lose one passenger on each time you hit and if all passengers falls, you loose the game.

Instruction to play:

Up - W or Upwards arrow

Down - S or Downwards arrow

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