Sweet Sugar Slide GamePlay:

You love candies and sweets? And you are looking for a game that is adapted to your taste? Great! Nothing could be more wonderful for you than Sweet Sugar Slide. Play it right now at friv 2! In this game, you will control a rotor lever which is installed as the candy collector in order to collect candies and earn coins.

According to the rule of the game, each of two blades of the lever can only recognize candies in the same color with it. The candies change their slides constantly and sometimes slide so fast. But ironically, once you make a wrong switch, the game is over. Therefore, fast reaction and good vision are necessities when playing this game

Do your best to catch candies correctly. It’s more interesting that you can unlock other new candies if you get enough coins. How long can you last? Try it yourself! The game with cute characters and funny sound promises to bring you awesome feelings. And if you are so stressed, this game is also a good choice for you to relax. Click now at http://friv3play.net/

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How to play?

Control the game by your mouse when playing on the computer or tap on the screen to play on the mobile phone or tablet.