The Evolution of Trust GamePlay:

The Evolution of Trust is a cool game that you can play here on best friv Games. Nicky Case, who has a knack for making complex topics playfully fun, delves into the evolution of trust between people and groups using game theory. And naturally, the explainer is in the format of a game. See how the golden rule plays out, how cheaters prosper in the short run but lose in the end, and how communication is key.


Here, you and an AI controlled player will both choose whether to cooperate or steal coins as you put them into the machine. If you work together you will generate coins however if you steal, then you will take coins from the other player's bank. 


If you both work together, new coins will be added to your banks however if you both steal then you will steal coins from one another. Do you really trust one another? This game will help you find out. Have fun!


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Use left mouse button to play.

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