Trampoline Stickman GamePlay:

Welcome to another game about stickman - who has appeared in so many games and all of them are great! Trampoline Stickman is an interesting sports game that you can play for free at Friv games for free at any time. At here, you will help stickman become a professional trampoline athlete by jumping and jumping and performing many awesome flips to get the high score. Trampoline is an interesting but dangerous sport because you can get hurt if you fall down.

For each successful flip you land, you earn a score and you also jump higher which gives you a chance to do more cool flips. The game features 3 modes for you to conquer, including Classic mode, Timed mode, and Arcade mode. Classic mode is a great one for you to practice, then you can get used to the game.

In Timed mode, you have 60 seconds to perform as many flips as you can while in Arcade mode, you have to follow the instructions showed in the screen exactly to earn points until you run out of 3 lives. And each time you enter any modes, you will be brought a different background. You need to determine the right time to land safely, otherwise, you will end up with a very bad outcome. Play it now!

Try your best to do as many back flips and front flips as possible without smashing your head into the ground. You will be praised if succeed. Hope you have a great time with Trampoline Stickman. If you’re looking for the more games, then let’s check out these games at http://friv3play.net/ as Stickman Archer Online 4. Enjoy!


Use left arrow key to do back flip

Right arrow key to do right flip.